-3 model sizes
-Driver plus 11 passengers
-available in standard and high roof
-2 sizes: 144" wheel base and 170"
wheel base


-10 model sizes, including standard and high roof up to 6'4"
-48" pallet fits in both rear and side door
-payload capacity of up to 5,358 lbs.
-cargo capacity of up to 547 cubic feet


-3 model sizes
-driver plus 4 passengers
-ideal for transport of a crew and small families, as well as, large amount of cargo area

-seating for driver plus 17 passengers
-38"outward opening side doors
-impressive interior height of 75"
-12 spacious interior configurations


Cab Chassis
-designed with a high load-bearing capacity
-choice of two wheelbases offering a payload of up to 6,252 lbs.
-exceptional stiff, robust and durable frame
-platform possibilities include service bed, flat bed, stake bed, ambulance or motor home

Our Rhode Island commercial vehicle dealership carries a wide variety of Sprinter vans to fit any business' needs. Whether you need a Commercial Passenger Van, Cargo Van, MiniBus or Cab Chassis, we have what you need in stock at our Sprinter dealership in RI.