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Will Dame | General Manager
General Manager | 23 Years
(401) 375-4361

Will Dame, Mercedes-Benz General Manager, is the man to go to for all things sales. His rapid-fire responses to your questions, his openness to listen, his actively creative mind...there is nothing he can't do. Flexible and versatile, any challenge his way he is facing head-on, ready for anything. 

Greg Falk | Sales Manager
Sales Manager | 3 Years
(401) 375-4370

Greg Falk, Sales Manager, brings a wealth of experience from sales and his personal life. Luxury vehicles have been a part of his family for many years, and were a part of some very memorable experiences that he will never forget. Cars are his hobby, as well as his profession - He has worked in the automotive industry for 15 years, making him very knowledgeable person to work with. After an appointment with him, Greg hopes that his customers feel like they've met a genuine human being who has their best interests in mind and wants to help them, not just sell them a vehicle and never hear from him again.

Steve Koertje | CPO Manager
Pre-Owned Sales Manager | 32 Years
(401) 375-4690

Steve Koertje is Viti's Used Car Manager. He has been with the company since 1990, and many people at Viti count on his many abilities and experiences to guide them. With his great sense of humor and kind-hearted nature, Steve is a great resource for people to go to when they need guidance on a vehicle. In addition to all of his achievements, Steve is a Master Certified Sales Consultant for Mercedes-Benz. He considers the "solid ride" to be his favorite feature on a vehicle and is one of the many reasons why he touts Mercedes-Benz as the "finest production automobile in the world." 

Robert Fioravanti | Commercial Manager
Commercial Vans Sales Manager | 10 Years
(401) 375-4735

Robert "Bob" Fioravanti, Commercial Vans Sales Manager for Mercedes-Benz at Viti, enjoys helping customers find the right vehicle for their business or recreational needs. He educates his customers how to determine what their needs are, in order to successfully locate or build the correct vehicle. He makes sure to provide honest, concise information on specifications and build times for the vehicles. Bob is well-known to be a gentleman, a reasonable man, and a man of humor. In his free time Bob loves to golf and bike. As a member of the Rhode Island Builders Association, he is also quite skilled in home improvement.

Bill Andrews | BDC Manager
Business Development Manager | 9 Years
(401) 375-4314

Bill Andrews is the Business Development Manager for Viti Mercedes-Benz. He has been in the automotive industry for over twenty years, and this experience allows him to come up with the best ways to improve the customer's experience. There is always room for improvement, however, and Bill enjoys the challenge - Customer needs are always changing, and the industry changes with it. He always puts his best effort to help keep Viti above the rest. In his free time, Bill likes to partake in outdoor activities and spending time with his daughter.

Aaron Lacasse | Business Manager
Business Manager | 4 Years
(401) 375-4133

Aaron Lacasse is Viti's Business Manager for Mercedes-Benz. Although he has only been with Viti for a year, he has already proven to be a valued member of our team. His experience expands much farther than the Mercedes-Benz brand - In the past he's worked with Land Rover and Jaguar, accumulating a total of seven years in the automotive industry. Aaron chose a career at Viti due to our high reputation of delivering great customer service. Because it's important to him, he wanted to make sure he was part of a team that shares his ideal of being willing to do everything they can for customers. He also values safety, something that is a high priority on all Benz vehicles.

Debra Gleavey | Business Manager
Business Manager | 4 Years
(401) 375-4362

Debra Gleavey is Viti's Business Manager for Mercedes-Benz. She's previously worked for brands such as Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, and Honda, but after hearing of Viti's great reputation, she chose to pursue a career here. Now, she prides herself on representing "the best of the best," the Mercedes-Benz. What she values most about her position is helping people drive their dream cars. Her favorite vehicle, past or present, is "all of them upon sale." This is an amusing example of Debra's quirky sense of humor, which helps her stand out amongst others. As she likes to say, she wants all of her customers "laughing upon handshake" and confident in their choices to purchase. When Debra is home she enjoys spending time with her daughter, her pride and absolute joy.



Gary Garofalo | Sales Consultant
Master Certified Sales Consultant | 12 Years
(401) 375-4458

Gary Garofolo, a Mercedes-Benz Master Certified Sales Consultant, has worked for Viti since 2010. In the past, he has sold brands such as Honda, Lincoln, and Mercury. Before his career began he was a Viti customer, developing an abundance of friendships over the years. The excellent customer service the company brings was one of the deciding factors on Gary deciding to get in the business. He hopes his customers learn enough about the process, the Dealership, and himself to ultimately become part of the Viti clientele.

Greg Forrest | Sales Consultant
Master Certified Sales Consultant | 36 Years
(401) 375-4379

Greg Forrest is an experienced Master Certified Mercedes-Benz Sales Consultant, and has been with Viti since 1986. Originally from a small town in Connecticut, Greg graduated from Roger Williams University and permanently relocated to Rhode Island to begin his career in sales. What drove Greg to Viti was his wish to sell one of the finest, most premier luxury brands in the world: The Mercedes-Benz. Greg's strengths lie in his ability to adapt, perceive, and change over time, all while remaining relevant and successful in his career. 

Brad Barry | Sales Consultant
Certified Sales Consultant | 10 Years
(401) 375-4384

Brad Barry, Certified Sales Consultant for Viti, believes Mercedes-Benz is the best engineered automobile ever created. His knowledge, years of experience as a Partner at a dealership, and his strong clientele base are just some of the reasons that he is considered such a valuable asset to the Viti team. Authentic and honest, he hopes his customers leave feeling respected after working with him. In his spare time, he enjoys reading novels, exercising, and relaxing after a good workout.

Jon Lehane | Sales Consultant
Star Sales Consultant | 6 years
(401) 375-4717

Jon Lehane is a Star Certified Mercedes-Benz Sales Consultant. He is very experienced in the automotive industry, and has accumulated over one hundred 5-Star Reviews that are a true testament to his skills in customer satisfaction and service. Well known for his witty personality and fun loving charisma, he enjoys meeting the many interesting people who visit our dealership. He prides himself on his ability to form long lasting relationships with his customers and give them the product knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Jon is an advocate for his customers and wants them to know that he is working for them. Ensuring his customers are happy and well-satisfied is Jon's central goal. When Jon is not at work, he enjoys spending time at the beach or playing tennis with his family and friends. 

Angelo Gutierrez | Sales Consultant
Certified Sales Consultant | 5 Years
(401) 375-4519

Angelo Gutierrez, Certified Sales Consultant for Viti, comes from a background of over 10 years in the automotive industry. Angelo views Mercedes-Benz as the "epitome of luxury" and strives to do his best to be the best so he can deliver the best customer experience. When asked what sets him apart from other salespeople, his answer is his "honesty, transparency, and hard work." He was once featured in the Herald News automotive section for those exact traits, so you can be assured that he is always bringing this to the sales floor. He prides himself on providing top-notch customer service and establishing solid relationships with his customers. When Angelo is not making people happy he is out running in marathons, going on spontaneous trips, and skiing. 

Sean Gebert | Sales Consultant
Certified Sales Consultant - 4 Years
(401) 375-4476

Sean Gebert, notorious for his dry humor yet subtly sweet disposition, is Viti's Certified Sales Consultant for Mercedes-Benz. He chose to sell Mercedes-Benz because it's a car known for innovation, safety, and reliability. What makes Sean truly unique is his rare ability to empathize with his customers' stories - He always tries to put himself in their shoes. Sean's potential to succeed is only as strong as the company he works for, and that is why Viti has and always will be a great fit for him. He once worked for Jaguar as the Sales Manager and won the 2013 Jaguar Sales Manager Guild Award, making him one of the top 8 Sales Managers in the USA at that time. He wants his customers to walk away thinking that he's different than the next guy, that he has vision and is looking to build long-term relationships. In his daily life when he's not working, you can find Sean boxing, watching or playing sports, hanging out with his friends, and spending quality time with his family.

Chanthy Om | Sales Consultant
Certified Sales Consultant | 3 years
(401) 375-4586

Chanthy Om is a Certified Sales Consultant for Mercedes-Benz. Although he is new to the Viti group, he has been in the automotive industry for eighteen years and brings the knowledge of different brands with him. He touts Mercedes-Benz as the leader in luxury vehicles, well known all over the world - He wanted to be a part of it, with a team that is known as the best customer service in the auto business. Chanthy enjoys meeting new people and helping them attain their goal of purchasing a Mercedes. After an appointment with him, Chanthy hopes his customers will leave with three things - A handshake, a car sale, and a new friend.

Brian Reidy | Sales Consultant
Master Certified Sales Consultant | 1 Year
(401) 375-4237

Brian Reidy, a Master Certified Sales Consultant, is new to the Viti team but has worked with the Mercedes-Benz brand for over 15 years. You can be sure that when working with him, you will get the information you need in order to make the best purchasing decision. After an appointment with him, he hopes his clients leave with a feeling of getting everything they came for and trust in him. In his free time, Brian enjoys golf, the beach, and spending time with his daughter.