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Book your appointments today by contacting Danny Martinez, Service Coordinator. 401-624-6181 ext. 1060 or You can also book online, click here to book now!

Or you can call any one of our service technicians:
Bud Cartin - Senior Service Consultant 
401-624-6181  x1059
Russ Machado - Senior Service Consultant 
 401-624-6181 x1056
Susan McDermott - Service Consultant 
 401-624-6181 x1058
Danny Blinn - Service Consultant 
 401-624-6181 x1054
Doug Eccleston - Service Consultant 
 401-624-6181 x1057
Ray Machado - Service Consultatnt 
 401-624-6181 x1055 
Please call 401-624-6181 or email Danny Martinez at to set up an appointment.