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Tony Miele | Service Director
Service Director | 19 Years
(401) 375-4072

Tony Miele is Viti's Service Director. He has been in the automotive industry for over forty years, and has spent more than fifteen of those years with Viti. Tony oversees both Mercedes-Benz and Volvo's service departments and makes sure that everything operates smoothly. Mercedes-Benz Master Certified since 2004, Tony has earned multiple CSI awards such as Number 1 in the Country, and Best Service Experience in the Country in 2016 - This helps to show that he has and always will put his best effort forward. As the Service Director, Tony works with clients and employees when they need help before, during, and after their service. He prides himself on being able to figure out the best solution in any scenario and make them happy. By offering the best and most complete automotive service through assigned service advisors, something other dealerships do not always offer, Tony helps create the Best or Nothing experience that you can always expect from Viti.



Bud Cartin | Service Advisor
Senior Service Advisor | 40 Years
(401) 375-4087

Bud Cartin is a Service Advisor for Viti Mercedes-Benz. With three hundred training courses under his belt, Bud has been a familiar face in the Viti family for over thirty-five years. He has earned multiple Outstanding Service Advisor Awards throughout his time as an advisor, two of which included trips to Germany. After an appointment with him, Bud hopes that his clients walk away with a peace of mind after working with the best technical staff in the country. In his free time he enjoys spending as much time as possible outside and building model aviators - Or, as he calls it, "playing with toy planes."

Russ Machado | Service Advisor
Senior Service Advisor | 31 Years
(401) 375-4081

Russ Machado is a Service Advisor for Viti Mercedes-Benz. The biggest benefit of working with Russ is his extensive knowledge of Mercedes-Benz. He has worked with the brand for thirty years, which allows him to be confident in his ability to solve whatever problems his clients face. He hopes that after appointments with him, customers feel great knowing that everything was taken care of at a fair price. Russ is also a big fan of music, his favorite genres being rock and the blues.

Sue McDermott | Service Advisor
Service Advisor | 23 Years
(401) 375-4086

Sue McDermott is a Service Advisor for Viti Mercedes-Benz. A Tiverton resident, Sue was first drawn to Viti because of how close to home it was. In the twenty years since starting her career at Viti, Sue has consistently felt it's a nice, clean, and professional place to work. She strives to always do her best and provide top notch service for each of her clients. Making people happy is something she greatly enjoys, and hopes that everyone she comes in contact with enjoys working with her. Outside of work Sue sings in choir with her church, and is a recently retired cheerleading coach.

Ray Machado | Service Advisor
Service Advisor | 9 Years
(401) 375-4078

Ray Machado is a Service Advisor for Viti Mercedes-Benz. Ray has been in the automotive industry for thirty-five years, and fourteen of those have been spent with Viti. He resonates with Viti's goal to always go above and beyond to keep clients happy, striving to make sure a customer's car is safe after being brought in to be fixed. He also believes that the free pick-up, delivery, car wash, and loaner fleet helps set Viti apart from the rest.

Danny Martinez | Service Advisor
Service Advisor | 12 Years
(401) 375-4098

Danny Martinez is a Service Advisor for Viti Mercedes-Benz. He started out as a maintenance worker, then he moved to the car wash which he managed for a few years, as well. After leaving the car wash he grew into the service department as a Service Coordinator, and from there became an advisor two years ago. This shows how hard of a worker he is, and that he does not give up. Danny does his best to ensure that his clients' trust in him is not misplaced, to provide a peace of mind that they will have a safe vehicle to drive after an appointment with him.

Nelson Medeiros | Service Advisor
Service Advisor | 2 Years
(401) 375-4082

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Grant Gonzalez | Service Advisor
Service Advisor | 1 Year
(401) 375-4076

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